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About Me

"I’m not even sure how to articulate just how powerful my session with Julie was. The messages are full of valuable practical advice, bringing clarity and focus."


Using my Mediumship ability is a unique and special addition to any event. I have been working with brands and organisations for many years offering competitive industry insights but also helping them with Workplace Culture and Wellbeing. 


I offer guidance and in-depth insights assisting people to move from a place of uncertainty to a space of empowerment. I'm an experienced public speaker, bringing skill and lightness to any topic.  I have spoken in front of large crowds and festivals such as; SuperBloom and Soul Star Festival, as well as being invited to partake in panel discussions, speaking to large crowds and intimate gatherings around various topics related to business, career, empowerment and mental health.


I have also been a guest on wellbeing podcast shows as well as appearing on the Matt & Alex Breakfast Show to speak as an expert in my field on Spirituality, Mediumship and Business, offering detailed messages and prediction on specific topics, providing audience readings to callers over the phone which I had done regularly for some years on an American live-streaming radio show.


Using mediumship as a part of a conversation, be it a panel or presenter, allows for a higher perspective to be shared with the audience, adding an interesting layer to a panel or event. This unique and powerful perspective on any topic leaves the audience and clients inspired and engaged, creating a memorable and impactful event and through any challenges, I share actionable, engaging, and unforgettable tips, so it’s practical, tangible and inspirational.


Connect with me HERE

Alexa, Melbourne

“There were moments you could hear a pin drop, how she managed to bring everyone together… it was so special to be a part of this live event!”

Morgan, Melbourne

“Julie is skilled at immediately diagnosing the room, she’s witty and funny. It was entertaining, thoughtful and insightful all at the same time” 

Lisa, Melbourne

"I’m not even sure how to articulate how powerful that experience was; full of valuable, practical advice, bringing clarity and focus”
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