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"Everything she explained was so accurate. Julie was able to help connect my past experiences, to my present circumstances through channelled messages."



Hi, my name is Julie Zdravkovski and I'm a Medium, Writer and Speaker. I offer you the insights, guidance and life-advice required to help you with the necessary shifts. 


As a natural-born Medium I've been fortunate to be able to communicate with SPIRIT from an early age. My journey began when I was seven, connecting to energies and developing my gifts through various studies such as meditation, psychometry, mirror work, automatic writing, reading auras and tarot card as well as providing ‘readings’ from 16 and working on the psychic phone lines from 22 years old. 

One of my other specialities as a Medium is connecting to loved ones crossed over. It is where my journey all began. Because of these beautiful energies speaking with me as a young girl and making feel all that love, it allowed me to follow this path and connect with so much more. 

Over the last 10 years I built my own spiritual business with its sole purpose of providing insights, guidance and life-advice required to help you with the necessary shifts through Mediumship sessions and as a medium I also connect with loved ones crossed over to assist you in your journey through the grieving process as well as bringing peace. In the most recent past I created and taught workshops on the fundamentals of well-being and connection back to the self. 

My practical side and thirst for knowledge has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the human experience we are here to explore. Currently I undertake various advanced teachings from around the world which has taken my skills to a whole new level. 


My aim has always been to bridge the gap between the spiritual realms and the current modern era of therapies and services to be able to offer my clients a complete and whole experience that encapsulates interconnectedness in its purest form. 

I look forward to discovering what possibilities await you! 


Further Experience & Studies 

Recently completing a Foundational Course in Hypnosis to elevate my Healing practices, Cert. IV in Mental Health to broaden my awareness of the Wellbeing industry, and a Practitioner's Course in Meridian Energy and the ancient studies of Tantra Meditation Level 1 & 2 to bring a deeper awareness to the SELF through exploration and connection to the body, breath and our chakra system.


My previous professional experiences include working in the corporate world for over 20 years within roles such as Office & Administration Manager, Human Resources and then as Executive Assistant at CEO and CFO levels for the Executive Search industry. I have also held long standing senior positions from an early age both in Retail and Hospitality whilst studying and building my private business.


Past studies include Professional Diploma of Human Resources, Professional Life Coaching Certification with the Transformation Academy, Practitioner & Teacher Training in Wild Women's Circles®, Non-Linear Movement Method® and Somatic Embodiment Practices as well as Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Breath-work and Trauma Release.  

Clementine, Melbourne

"I had a beautiful session with Julie. She was really accurate and insightful. It has helped me a lot. She a beautiful person."

Natalie, Melbourne

"Can’t speak highly enough of this experience. I just so wish more people would have access to a session like this, imagine when all of us embody our higher selves and live our full potential. Thank you beautiful Julie"

Florence, Sydney

"She could see / hear where I was at in my life very accurately and was channeling some information from Spirit about where my life should be heading if I chose to go down that path. I even had the surprise to receive a message from my mother who had passed 13 years ago."
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