"She's a modern-day medium, the girl next door with this extraordinary gift...an original healer"

Hi, my name is Julie Zdravkovska and I'm a natural-born Medium and Healer channelling messages and energy from SPIRIT.


I've been fortunate from an early age to be able to communicate with SPIRIT and those CROSSED OVER. I use these gifts to help guide those in need, assist any necessary changes required and bring through messages of validation from their loved ones. 


My first recollection of communicating with SPIRIT and those who had passed over was around the age of 3. I would speak with my mum about what I was sensing and seeing and this information that I had shared with such detail occurred well before I was even born. It was later at the later age of 7 that I had a better understanding of what was happening to me which started me on my own explorative journey through spirituality and mediumship.

I've been blessed to work closely with my Main Guide, St. Joachim along with his ANCESTRAL LINEAGE;  St. Anne, Mother Mary and Jesus, who all work with me. I am able to offer practical, insightful and detailed information to help guide you through life and experience the magic that is being connected to your inner-soul.


Using natural healing and mediumship abilities, and dedicating my LIFE to helping many breakthrough physical, emotional and mental traumas and grief, I've seen just how my spiritual GIFTS have helped many.

I am based in Melbourne, Victoria and offer my services in-person as well as online using Zoom. 




I connect with your loved ones on the other side. I see (clairvoyantly) the person coming through to speak with you and can describe their features and the clothes they're wearing, giving evidence of who is coming through. I then tune in to hearing your loved ones as they speak (clairaudience) and the conversation begins. Your loved ones come through in a reading, bringing evidence of whom you are speaking to, but in the end, it’s the message they have for you that matters. Your loved ones will also make me feel how they felt at certain times in their life (claistentice) as well are share their inner thoughts and memories with me (claircognizance), sharing a glimpse of their character and personality.

It’s very much a healing session. They know what you have been doing since they have passed to the spirit world. They celebrate your birthdays, anniversary and new beginnings in your life.

These type of sessions are for those wishing to CONNECT with their LOVED ONES that have passed over ONLY. 

These session run for 1-hour and can be delivered either online using zoom or in-person. 

Here’s what you need to do If you'd like to be placed on this WAITLIST:

1. Email julie@moderndaymedium.com.au 

2. Place 'Loved One' in the subject heading of the email

3. Make sure to leave your first name and best contact number 

4. Please do NOT divulge any information about whom you want to connect with

I will be guided entirely by Spirit on who, from the waitlist, needs to be chosen for this special connection and healing with messages from those on the other side. 

If you are chosen, you will be notified via text with an email containing full details along with a private booking link to secure your session based on the availability offered. 

Spots are limited.

So excited for this offering and for those I will have the pleasure of sitting and reading for.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A 'GENERAL PSYCHIC-' READING. (i.e future predictions on topics such as career, love, finances, etc).






Are you grieving the loss of a loved one, a pregnancy, or pet?


Are past/current traumas resurfacing that you’re ready to free yourself from? Are you struggling with the end of a relationship, a job, your children leaving the nest, or separation from friends and family?

Spirit and I will delve deep into your past lives, ancestral lineage and current life traumas to bring through the messages and healing needed.


You will experience this trance healing energy, a direct connection to Source Energy that assists you in this transition.

You don’t have to BE alone anymore in your HEALING journey. It’s time to take back your power, reclaim control over your life and step into a life full of energy and love.


Using my MEDIUMSHIP abilities we discuss the areas that brought you to this session and look deep into the root cause of these issues in your life. By working together we can create the harmony and balance that your mind, body and soul requires.

The 'Intuitive-Assessment' part of the session takes approximately 20 minutes.

After the assessment is complete, you will move onto the healing table (fully clothed and covered with a blanket) so we can begin the 'trance-healing' to take place. I begin by placing my hands on your head to open up your energy portal, then I will go into my 'trance-state' of consciousness to bring in energy directly from the Divine to run through you. This type of healing is a direct connection between you and Source Energy to create profound and long-lasting transformations.

The 'Trance-Healing' part of the session takes approximately 20 minutes.

At this point the energy is flowing and I like to use this extra time to allow for integration and further insights or healing from Source Energy to come through to help attune your body to its 'optimal frequency.' During this time I do leave the room so there is no interference from any external factors including myself. I am right outside the door continuing to hold space and 'check-in' on you throughout this part of the process. You are held and protected in this sacred space by the energy of the Divine. This is an integral part of your healing journey so that your mind, body and soul are all on the same page before you leave the session.

The 'Optimal Frequency' part of the session takes approximately 20 minutes.

There are a few minutes at the end to debrief and discuss anything that came up plus next steps for optimal integration within your life.


You will also be offered Sacred Taste Love (Rose) - Ceremonial Cacao* to enhance and open your senses to the healing that you will undertake. This help for grounding purposes but you can also opt not to have it if you so wish. For further details on this magical cacao drink click on the link here *https://sacredtaste.com/collections/all-products/p...


These sessions are 60 minutes in total and can be delivered online or in-person.





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